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A Dirty Weekend in Brighton!

Contact ‘Wama’ on:     wama8@me.com

7 thoughts on “Welcome to…”

  1. Received this from Richard Wood on a private Fbook message. It’s good feedback for us so we’ve copied & pasted it. “Cheers Richard” 🙂

    Richard Wood
    Hey guys, I came down from Surrey to see you play at the Blue Lagoon, thought the band were excellent and I’ll be bringing a couple of mates along to see you in Hove next month. I also do band photography so may bring along the camera and get some shot which I’m happy to share with you for band publicity. Cheers

    Dirty Weekend
    WOW…..Richard, that’s fantastic. Very nice of you, please make yourself known and I’ll buy u a beer. We are next playing The Albion in Hove on Sat Oct 26th. We only normally do one a month. Spread the word, Wama.

    Richard Wood
    Cheers Wama, I’m looking forward to the Albion gig. I will definately make myself known to you and will also spread word about the band. So many stand out songs from the blue lagoon gig to list but highlights for me were ‘drugs and sin’ ‘ziggy’ and ‘you stole the sun’. Keep up the great work guys. I think Drugs and Sin is pretty epic!

  2. Copied & Pasted from Fbook 20.9.13 following our Blue Lagoon gig.

    6 hours agoStevie Hicks
    Where are you next as discovered you a while back and planning another car load from Essex to share my find,
    14th was a brilliant venue and 4 of us had a brilliant night…

  3. Hi guys Chris from the Romans here ..on sun 6th oct it’s my last day at the pub (don’t worry new owners have your number) it’s a 6 hour music mash up from 3pm involving as many bands that I’ve booked it an Albion in the community event stage pa and sound guy in situ it would be great if any of you can make it for a beer and if you fancy doing a couple of numbers even better….let me know cheers…Chris

  4. luved you guys at the Blue Lagoon gig. Can’t wait for the next one. you really are a great undiscovered band. Rory.

  5. From surrey, came down for weekend and stumbled upon your group in the Albion pub, thought you were really good & raw makes a nice change from some recent bands I’ve seen. Can’t wait to hear you guys again soon!

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A lively rock and covers band with a saucy Brighton theme